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Welcome to Binienu

We are Binienu! We believe in the limitlessness of a curious soul. We believe that you are enough and that in your “enoughness”, you can be even more. We want you to reach for the stars, see, conquer… We cater to the actualization of self.

We design for the woman with a rebellious streak, perfectly balancing out her ladylike sophistication with her edgy defiance to mediocrity.

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The power of the colour White

I have always had a penchant for white pants. They are very daring. But what I would really like to point out is how it is perceived by the wearers observer. An all-white ensemble makes the wearer seem very mature. The ability to wear a pair of pants that could quite easily get stained is very challenging. Maybe it adds to the thrill. When you see a woman walk up to you in an all-white look, she seems to know what she’s doing. She seems meticulous to you, seems to be able to adequately push boundaries and delegate effortlessly to the people in her charge.
Don’t these women make you admire them and give you the feeling that on their say so, the world stands still and obeys?

Layers or opulence


Casual Chic


Bad girl, boss chic


Chic street fashion


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