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Welcome to Binienu

We are Binienu! We believe in the limitlessness of a curious soul. We believe that you are enough and that in your “enoughness”, you can be even more. We want you to reach for the stars, see, conquer… We cater to the actualization of self.

We design for the woman with a rebellious streak, perfectly balancing out her ladylike sophistication with her edgy defiance to mediocrity.

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Monday - Friday: 09:00 - 18:30 43 Jones street, off Apapa Road, Lagos +234 703 034 4256

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The covering of the naked human form goes back to the very beginning of time and has evolved from crude leaves and animal skin to intricately processed fabrics. Over time, it no longer was a question of if clothing should be worn, but what to wear.  The choice of what to wear varies from the occasion, location, status, beliefs, season and even mood of the wearer.


The saying goes, “God made men, the tailors made gentlemen”. As fashion and style evolved, various brands stepped in to satisfy the different needs of the consumers as they believed. Fashion and style go beyond throwing on clothes; it is a process of carefully curating each piece to tell a story.

At Binienu we are writing a story that celebrates feminity, a story that narrates Sophistication and class with a dash of edgy rebellion to societal norms.

We make clothes women are proud to own, clothes that not just satisfy the decency of covering, but inspire confidence in the wearer.

We believe the female body is to be celebrated in all the shapes it comes in. We go beyond comfort and style, we are creating a culture. Binienu! stand up!

Why do you wear what you wear? Why would/do you wear Binienu? Tell us in the comments below. A major key to looking amazing is dressing for your body type. Subscribe to our mailing list and receive our “Body Type Style Guide”, completely free of charge. You’ll get it delivered right to your email. Click here.



Colours and first impressions

You know what they say about first impressions. We don’t usually get a second chance to portray ourselves in our preferred light. Every time we meet someone, we make an impression. Impressions tell a story of sorts about us.

Colours are a huge part of this impression and have a story or two to tell. We’re talking today on these colours and what it is we say when we meet people.

RED- Red is the colour of blood and fire, the colour of passion. It is associated with romance, strength, willpower and determination.

ORANGE- The colour of the sunrise.  One of the least occurring colour in nature, playful, energetic

YELLOW- The wearer has been known to feel happy and friendly.

GREEN- Observers view wearer as natural and stable.

BLUE- This colour often symbolizes calmness, contemplation and we advice blue when meeting the in-laws for the first time.

PURPLE- One word- BINIENU! Some other words- Regal, Luxury, Mystery and Romance are associated with the wearers of this colour.

One last thing.

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A major key to looking amazing is dressing for your body type. Click here to receive our “Body Type Style Guide”, completely free of charge. You’ll get it delivered right to your email.