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“Rain rain go away come again another day…”

While some parts of the world are experiencing a heat wave with the highest temperatures measured yet in history, in this part of the world (Lagos, Nigeria), it seems like we cannot have enough of the rain. It’s either raining or about to rain or just rained. Either way, having an umbrella is always a wise choice. Unfortunately, we cannot all decide to stay snuggled, warm and dry indoors. There’s the world to dominate, rain or not, and we have got to do it in style.

Stepping out in the rain can be messy and often discouraging to glam up, which is where we come in. Style does not have to go when the rains come. Read on to find out how to look chic in the rain.



Who says raincoats are only for children. They are perfect to throw on when your hands are too busy for an umbrella, when you just can’t be bothered with one or when you are trying to cut down on costs from having to buy them ever so often since you keep forgetting them all over the place.


Raincoats don’t have to be a boring sad mess. They can be fitted and stylish or transparent to show off your envious style or bright and colourful to chase away the gloom of a rainy day.


Like the raincoat, these are not so popular with adults. Also, like the raincoat, it should have a place in your wardrobe. Wellies are a must-have, they keep your feet dry, warm and safe from the soggy mess caused by the rain.


If wellies are absolutely not your thing, there is the Jelly shoe to invest in. They come in different beautiful styles and are on trend right now. With them, you don’t have to worry about what the rain would do to the lifespan of your leather shoes.



Umbrellas! These are the ultimate rain saviours! Unfortunately, they can be really ugly and boring. Fear not though, there are plenty of chic options to choose from. Patterns, bold colours, transparent bubble styled umbrellas…you can stand out of the sea of basic boring black “brollies”.


Looking this fabulous, we’d be singing in the rain in no time.

How do you stay cheerful and style inspired this rainy season? we’d love to hear from you. Please share in the comments below.


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One thought on “RAIN CHIC

  • JenJuly 25, 2018 at 5:36 pm

    Oh I love the bubble umbrella!! So very stylish. I’ve got one that has the “rain rain” song on it.
    The raincoat idea is really interesting. I have to look out for one.


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