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Fashion and Gender Wars

The quote “Girls don’t dress for boys, they dress for themselves and of course each other…” by one of fashions favorite Betsey Johnson always has had me giggle in affirmation but today, I decided to think on this. Do men really think women dress for them? Is there a conscious thought that women want to impress men when they dress? I don’t mean when a specific man has caught your eye but on the regular, you think to yourself. men will tremble at the sight of me. I need to go to the streets on this one. I’ll bring the results back to you.

Men on the other hand, I have heard severally say “If there were no women around, I will probably not bathe all day, leave my hair to grow out and never clean my room”. Regardless of the existence of men I have reverted to my hobo tendencies, sure enough that men would be present at that gathering and I have really dolled up to go slay with the girls. Honestly, I think a woman complementing me means just a bit more than a man complimenting me. It might be because of the conditioned rivalry between women that I hold those compliments so dear. I also don’t hold back on saying good things about women myself, but is it weird I see how it often bothers men?


Men have asked me if I am a lesbian for saying a woman is beautiful. They have stared at me in utter shock when I agree with him whilst he praises another woman. Consciously or unconsciously, I think men actually try to pit women against each other, using the same tricks we play on children. Have you seen the way a child swells up when singled out for praise? (S)he has that smug look on his face looking about like they had always known they were the fairest of them all. Women need not pit men against each other but we need to complement each other more.

“Your hair is everything”

“That bag will cause a war”

“That must be a Binienu dress”. See what I did there?

Of course such dramatic expressions might not come naturally to you so make the message yours. Spend less time tearing women you think are beautiful down and more time complimenting them. Watch your male counterparts get shook every time they complement a woman and you agree with them. Take back your confidence. Such is the power of fashion. Giving fashion compliment empowers both the giver and the given.

Below is dramatic, feminine, whimsical Betsey Johnson. The end of that quote? “…if girls dressed for boys, they’d just walk around naked at all times”


One more thing,





P.S- You are enough 🙂

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