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You may have seen that fabulous piece of clothing on models on the runway and fantasized how they would be the perfect fit for your next important occasion. Fast forward to weeks before the occasion, you have made your purchase or have gone for a fitting and the outfit just doesn’t sit quite right or fails to flatter you as it had the model. Problem? The style may not be right for your body.

Below are two items that have remained top trends over the last year and how you can work them for your body type.

Confused about what body type you fall under? You can get a copy of our free guide here. Once you are sure of your body type, we can jump right into this.


Culottes come in different shapes and sizes and should be a staple in every wardrobe.

For the apple and pear-shaped ladies, a well-structured high rise pair with a more pronounced flare cinched in just above the waistline is key. This glides over the mid-section and flares at the bottom, creating a balanced silhouette. Little or no front detailing at the waist is encouraged as heavy detailing would draw attention to the mid-section.

Pleated culottes work great for the rectangle shaped ladies. They create the right kind of drama and volume needed to accentuate the minimal curves characteristic of the athletic figure or give an illusion of wider hips.

Culottes cut to have a more defined straight leg appearance work great for the hourglass figure. With a cinched waist lined, curves are easily highlighted.

As a general rule, these wide fitting pants are better paired with form-fitting tops to create a balanced look.



With skin or no skin, this trend can be worn by the daring or not so daring. Whichever category you fall under, let’s find the best style for your body.

The apple figure with the characteristic heavier torso can pull this look off by staying clear of turtleneck crops which over emphasis the busts. Crop tops with lower necklines and are fitted beneath the bust offer a more flattering look.

The hourglass figures with its proportional curves are more likely to experiment with wider varieties of styles. Loose fitting or body-hugging, longer styles that just graze over the top of a skirt or pants, the options are endless.

With a slimmer top frame, the pear and rectangle shaped bodies should opt for more flamboyantly styled crop tops that add a bit of drama. Pair with high waist pants that accentuates the waist or skinny jeans that draws more emphasis to the bust area.

What ways have been your favourites to style your crops or culottes? please share with us in the comments below.


We have a more detailed guide to knowing what to wear for your body type. A major key to looking amazing is dressing for your body type. Click here to receive our “Body Type Style Guide”, completely free of charge. You’ll get it delivered right to your email.


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