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We are Binienu! We believe in the limitlessness of a curious soul. We believe that you are enough and that in your “enoughness”, you can be even more. We want you to reach for the stars, see, conquer… We cater to the actualization of self.

We design for the woman with a rebellious streak, perfectly balancing out her ladylike sophistication with her edgy defiance to mediocrity.

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Colours can make or break a style, enhance an event and even influence moods. Today we would be immersing ourselves in the luxurious hues of one of the jewel tones, Emerald.

This bold colour is named after the precious stone “Emerald” and is a shade of green. It is often used to depict luxury, life, growth and wealth.

As a fashion piece, it can be styled with either contrasting colours of the same hue or complimentary colours in a lighter/softer tint. Perfect for evenings, it is primarily paired with gold or silver accessories, gold often being the preferred option.

In fabrics like velvet and brocade, this colour is absolutely stunning! Satin and Silk commands the same luxurious attention with the subtle shimmer that reflects with the movement of the wearer.

When it comes to styling Emerald for a day look, ‘the dark to light’ rule, where you pair a dark colour with a light colour, can act as a guide to help create a balance. Mustard, Burgundy, Cranberry, Plum and Navy are some of the darker colours often paired with Emerald that create a striking palette. Softer shades like Blush, peach and Champagne beautifully complements the rich dark colour of Emerald.

How do you feel about Emerald? Are you crushing on it like we are? What has been your favourite “glam moment” with this statement hue? Comment in the comment section below.

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