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Summer is halfway gone but the need for more swimsuit options still remain. Whether you intend to just lay around on the beach/pool or actively indulge in some water activities, there is a swimsuit to match your every mood and location.

Here are five swimsuit styles you absolutely need to have. Early warning, some of these hot pictures may be NSFW.



Curvy, thick or thin, this makes any woman look like an African warrior goddess! Available in various styles – Monokini, bikini, one piece, and long sleeves- The vibrant colours and patterns would have others at the beach absolutely lusting.


This cute ruffled style is flattering on most body shapes and can be either a two piece or one piece.


Can I hear you say Retro! The curvy girl’s best friend, this flattering style is the go-to for ladies looking for more coverage than the average bikini/two-piece suit has to offer.


This is a favorite for the active beach goer. Both practical and stylish, the wearer is assured of no”frontal” accidents occurring. It also provides a sufficient top coverage for a modest swimsuit option.


“Baywatch” anyone? high cut legs, daring cutouts, ruffled details, full sleeves etc. This style has come a long way from the simple silhouette it started with. Easily flattering, it comes in a wide variety and can serve either the modest suit lovers or the more daring ladies.

what is your go-to beach style for the summer?



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