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We are Binienu! We believe in the limitlessness of a curious soul. We believe that you are enough and that in your “enoughness”, you can be even more. We want you to reach for the stars, see, conquer… We cater to the actualization of self.

We design for the woman with a rebellious streak, perfectly balancing out her ladylike sophistication with her edgy defiance to mediocrity.

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Binienu-It-Woman: September

It is the time of the month when we celebrate a woman we admire, who inspires us in style and Life. It’s the Binienu-it-woman.
Today, we feature Lebanese-British beauty, Amal Clooney!

Many of us had our hearts broken to hear gorgeous George was off the market. We were ready to hate on whoever she was, but alas, we couldn’t keep up. Her effortless grace, style, beauty, and commanding presence captured our hearts.

As a successful human rights lawyer, professor and philanthropist, her beauty is not without brains. Having lectured in Columbia Law school, Law School of the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London and The Hague Academy of International Law amongst others, she has also had as clients, founder of WikiLeaks, Jullian Assange in his fight against extradition, Mohamed Nasheed, former President of the Maldives and Al Jazeera English journalist, Mohamed Fahmy. She had also been nominated for a UN commission.

Her sense of style is just as strong as her career, earning her a recognition from the British Fashion Awards, proving that you can look amazing while saving the world. Whether corporate, street style or night time looks, she is constantly serving as a style inspiration. We are beyond proud to feature her as our ‘it-woman’ this month.

Enough talk, let us indulge in some of our best ‘Amal’ looks.


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Back to Work!

The last days of summer are upon us. Many of us are resuming school and/or work from vacation and you probably want to kill it the first week in Binienu style. This is where we come in, we’re offering a couple of style inspirations we believe would make you stand out while still -maybe barely- staying within the rules of the workplace.


Start the week with a punch. Go red. They didn’t see this one coming! Hit ’em with the ultimate power colour.



They’d still be reeling from your unmistakable presence from yesterday. Help them recover a bit…only a bit. Pair a statement black skirt with a classic white shirt or blouse.



We’re toning down the “fierce” a bit because it’s hump day. Let’s celebrate! Pull out that floral piece and bloom.


At this point, we’re really just waiting for the weekend to roll by. We’d be counting down in dungarees! Yes, dungarees can absolutely be work appropriate.


The weekend is here, oh joy! Here in Lagos, there’s somewhat of an unwritten rule that calls for African prints. In skirts, gowns, shorts or jackets, the fun prints, and sometimes quirky styles seem to usher in the weekend with their own little party.

Do you have a go-to “return to work/school” outfit? We’d love to know in the comments below.

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The covering of the naked human form goes back to the very beginning of time and has evolved from crude leaves and animal skin to intricately processed fabrics. Over time, it no longer was a question of if clothing should be worn, but what to wear.  The choice of what to wear varies from the occasion, location, status, beliefs, season and even mood of the wearer.


The saying goes, “God made men, the tailors made gentlemen”. As fashion and style evolved, various brands stepped in to satisfy the different needs of the consumers as they believed. Fashion and style go beyond throwing on clothes; it is a process of carefully curating each piece to tell a story.

At Binienu we are writing a story that celebrates feminity, a story that narrates Sophistication and class with a dash of edgy rebellion to societal norms.

We make clothes women are proud to own, clothes that not just satisfy the decency of covering, but inspire confidence in the wearer.

We believe the female body is to be celebrated in all the shapes it comes in. We go beyond comfort and style, we are creating a culture. Binienu! stand up!

Why do you wear what you wear? Why would/do you wear Binienu? Tell us in the comments below. A major key to looking amazing is dressing for your body type. Subscribe to our mailing list and receive our “Body Type Style Guide”, completely free of charge. You’ll get it delivered right to your email. Click here.



Binienu It-Woman: AUGUST

This month, we are featuring the multi-talented blogger, stylist, and behavioral therapist Loveth Adizue. She is the brain behind the blog and we can’t get over her daring style. We are excited to have you meet her, so let’s jump right into it.

Tell us a little about yourself and your blog.

My name is Loveth Adizue, I am a Nigerian born, Miami based lifestyle and fashion blogger, stylist and content creator. I’m very much into editorial styling. You can call me a jack of all trend.

My blog is a platform where I basically share all my ideas, tips, and knowledge about everything related to fashion and lifestyle, beauty, travel, and even mental health counseling.

Who is (are) your style icon(s)?

I really don’t have a style icon, but there are a few people that I really do admire their styles, such as Tracee Ellis Ross, Janelle Monae, and Babe Paley from the 50s.

‘Must have’s to have in your wardrobe? 

For me, I must have high waisted baggy pants and a black dress.

If you were to go a week with only an outfit or a two, which would it be? 

Again, it would be a high waisted baggy pant and probably a dress

What three words define your style?

Adventurous, Bold and Edgy

What’s the most important thing about style for you? 

The most important thing for me is being authentic and comfortable.

What’s your worst fashion faux pas?

Mixing the wrong patterns. Don’t get me wrong, I love plaids, stripes, polka dots, and checkers, but I just don’t like them when it’s done wrong. If you don’t know what you are doing, stick to a single pattern and choose complementing shades in that pattern.

What are you most likely to splurge or save on?

I will most likely splurge on a statement piece, and that includes dresses, tops or pants. Pieces that are bold and unusual. I would totally save on skinny jeans.

What’s your take on thrifting or reused clothes?

I’m here for it, I have no problem with thrifting. Most times you find the best piece at thrift stores. Fashion and style are not about how much money you spend on your clothing.

What/ Who inspires your style and why? 

I love experimenting when it comes to fashion, and I draw my inspiration from everything like nature, history, culture and mixing high-end brands with low-end brands. Like I said earlier, fashion is not just about luxury and name brand, it’s about my authentic self. It’s about being comfortable in whatever I wear and being able to express myself with my style.

How/ When/ Why did you start (fashion) blogging? 

Creativity has always been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I have always been in fashion, but I started blogging in the summer of 2016.

What trends do you expect would grow/would love to see grow or die out? 

I am very adventurous when it comes to fashion and trends, so I don’t think there is any trend I would like to see die, but I would like to see people more in vintage clothing/style.


What is top on your Wishlist?

At this moment nothing really.

What is your take on Luxury in Africa?

I am here for it all. High-end brands or low-end brands, I have no problem with luxury fashion, but I encourage people to go according to their wallets. Don’t go for brands that you can’t afford.

What would you say Fashion can do in Africa to create change?

It can become a billion-dollar industry, thereby creating a great job opportunity for young people which is much needed in Africa. We have a rich culture and a great sense of style, with a large population, and as we all know, large population equals a large market.

Seeing as you’re an African in Diaspora, what do you advice Independent Fashion labels to do to attain a global audience?

Collaborate, collaborate, collaborate. I’m stressing on collaboration because I do believe that in order to get your work out there you need to be willing and open-minded about working with people that can help bring that exposure to your brand and that includes bloggers, photographers and other stylists.


You can keep up with Loveth on twitterfacebook, and Instagram

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Summer is halfway gone but the need for more swimsuit options still remain. Whether you intend to just lay around on the beach/pool or actively indulge in some water activities, there is a swimsuit to match your every mood and location.

Here are five swimsuit styles you absolutely need to have. Early warning, some of these hot pictures may be NSFW.



Curvy, thick or thin, this makes any woman look like an African warrior goddess! Available in various styles – Monokini, bikini, one piece, and long sleeves- The vibrant colours and patterns would have others at the beach absolutely lusting.


This cute ruffled style is flattering on most body shapes and can be either a two piece or one piece.


Can I hear you say Retro! The curvy girl’s best friend, this flattering style is the go-to for ladies looking for more coverage than the average bikini/two-piece suit has to offer.


This is a favorite for the active beach goer. Both practical and stylish, the wearer is assured of no”frontal” accidents occurring. It also provides a sufficient top coverage for a modest swimsuit option.


“Baywatch” anyone? high cut legs, daring cutouts, ruffled details, full sleeves etc. This style has come a long way from the simple silhouette it started with. Easily flattering, it comes in a wide variety and can serve either the modest suit lovers or the more daring ladies.

what is your go-to beach style for the summer?




Here at Binienu, we love leather. Truthfully, we would occasionally love a style first just because it’s leather or incorporates leather one way or the other, then our love for cuts, pattern and details seals the deal. A well cut and styled leather piece is gold!

Leather resonates with the rebel in us, daring us to challenge norms and push boundaries, it’s no wonder it’s almost always featured in our collections.

Styled with ultra feminine pieces/ fabrics like lace, silk, tulle or florals, it always creates a juxtaposition of romantic elegance and rebellion; feminine delicacy and strength.

Its highly versatile nature keeps us coming back for more. Laser cut or embellished, from skirts to jackets, shoulder detailing or dress cutouts, the options are endless. This is definitely a trend to have as a wardrobe staple. The vegan or environmentally conscious is not left out. The faux pieces are just as great

How do you feel about leather? What’s your favourite way to style your favourite piece? Leave a comment below.

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Colours can make or break a style, enhance an event and even influence moods. Today we would be immersing ourselves in the luxurious hues of one of the jewel tones, Emerald.

This bold colour is named after the precious stone “Emerald” and is a shade of green. It is often used to depict luxury, life, growth and wealth.

As a fashion piece, it can be styled with either contrasting colours of the same hue or complimentary colours in a lighter/softer tint. Perfect for evenings, it is primarily paired with gold or silver accessories, gold often being the preferred option.

In fabrics like velvet and brocade, this colour is absolutely stunning! Satin and Silk commands the same luxurious attention with the subtle shimmer that reflects with the movement of the wearer.

When it comes to styling Emerald for a day look, ‘the dark to light’ rule, where you pair a dark colour with a light colour, can act as a guide to help create a balance. Mustard, Burgundy, Cranberry, Plum and Navy are some of the darker colours often paired with Emerald that create a striking palette. Softer shades like Blush, peach and Champagne beautifully complements the rich dark colour of Emerald.

How do you feel about Emerald? Are you crushing on it like we are? What has been your favourite “glam moment” with this statement hue? Comment in the comment section below.

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“Rain rain go away come again another day…”

While some parts of the world are experiencing a heat wave with the highest temperatures measured yet in history, in this part of the world (Lagos, Nigeria), it seems like we cannot have enough of the rain. It’s either raining or about to rain or just rained. Either way, having an umbrella is always a wise choice. Unfortunately, we cannot all decide to stay snuggled, warm and dry indoors. There’s the world to dominate, rain or not, and we have got to do it in style.

Stepping out in the rain can be messy and often discouraging to glam up, which is where we come in. Style does not have to go when the rains come. Read on to find out how to look chic in the rain.



Who says raincoats are only for children. They are perfect to throw on when your hands are too busy for an umbrella, when you just can’t be bothered with one or when you are trying to cut down on costs from having to buy them ever so often since you keep forgetting them all over the place.


Raincoats don’t have to be a boring sad mess. They can be fitted and stylish or transparent to show off your envious style or bright and colourful to chase away the gloom of a rainy day.


Like the raincoat, these are not so popular with adults. Also, like the raincoat, it should have a place in your wardrobe. Wellies are a must-have, they keep your feet dry, warm and safe from the soggy mess caused by the rain.


If wellies are absolutely not your thing, there is the Jelly shoe to invest in. They come in different beautiful styles and are on trend right now. With them, you don’t have to worry about what the rain would do to the lifespan of your leather shoes.



Umbrellas! These are the ultimate rain saviours! Unfortunately, they can be really ugly and boring. Fear not though, there are plenty of chic options to choose from. Patterns, bold colours, transparent bubble styled umbrellas…you can stand out of the sea of basic boring black “brollies”.


Looking this fabulous, we’d be singing in the rain in no time.

How do you stay cheerful and style inspired this rainy season? we’d love to hear from you. Please share in the comments below.


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You may have seen that fabulous piece of clothing on models on the runway and fantasized how they would be the perfect fit for your next important occasion. Fast forward to weeks before the occasion, you have made your purchase or have gone for a fitting and the outfit just doesn’t sit quite right or fails to flatter you as it had the model. Problem? The style may not be right for your body.

Below are two items that have remained top trends over the last year and how you can work them for your body type.

Confused about what body type you fall under? You can get a copy of our free guide here. Once you are sure of your body type, we can jump right into this.


Culottes come in different shapes and sizes and should be a staple in every wardrobe.

For the apple and pear-shaped ladies, a well-structured high rise pair with a more pronounced flare cinched in just above the waistline is key. This glides over the mid-section and flares at the bottom, creating a balanced silhouette. Little or no front detailing at the waist is encouraged as heavy detailing would draw attention to the mid-section.

Pleated culottes work great for the rectangle shaped ladies. They create the right kind of drama and volume needed to accentuate the minimal curves characteristic of the athletic figure or give an illusion of wider hips.

Culottes cut to have a more defined straight leg appearance work great for the hourglass figure. With a cinched waist lined, curves are easily highlighted.

As a general rule, these wide fitting pants are better paired with form-fitting tops to create a balanced look.



With skin or no skin, this trend can be worn by the daring or not so daring. Whichever category you fall under, let’s find the best style for your body.

The apple figure with the characteristic heavier torso can pull this look off by staying clear of turtleneck crops which over emphasis the busts. Crop tops with lower necklines and are fitted beneath the bust offer a more flattering look.

The hourglass figures with its proportional curves are more likely to experiment with wider varieties of styles. Loose fitting or body-hugging, longer styles that just graze over the top of a skirt or pants, the options are endless.

With a slimmer top frame, the pear and rectangle shaped bodies should opt for more flamboyantly styled crop tops that add a bit of drama. Pair with high waist pants that accentuates the waist or skinny jeans that draws more emphasis to the bust area.

What ways have been your favourites to style your crops or culottes? please share with us in the comments below.


We have a more detailed guide to knowing what to wear for your body type. A major key to looking amazing is dressing for your body type. Click here to receive our “Body Type Style Guide”, completely free of charge. You’ll get it delivered right to your email.


With love,




It’s #WCW here at Binienu!

We know her, we love her. We have her on our walls reminding us we can be girl bosses. Jessica Lourdes Pearson.


Strong, classy, fearless. These are words often used to describe the phenomenal character played by Gina Torres in the Legal drama Suits. Though fictional, Jessica Pearson has been an inspiration to throngs of women. Her elegant style immediately caught the attention of the fashion conscious public (and even the less fashion conscious). For many, Suits is beyond a legal drama. It was a fashion diary.


Effortlessly graceful, glamorously chic, she favoured timeless neutral colours with no fuss. From Gucci to Alexander McQueen, these pieces were far from boring, often accentuated with interesting details such as structured cuts, ruching and pleats. There was also the occasional pop of colour, graphic patterns or textured fabrics, well fitted to flatter her figure.



Although she unfortunately quit the show after  the Sixth season (we could catch her in the new spin off!!), Styled by Jolie Andreatta with over 1000 unrepeated perfectly tailored and sculptured pieces to look to for inspiration, you are bound to have years and years of solid “girl boss” moments.


If you are on the hunt for a worthy corporate style inspiration icon, you cannot miss it with Jessica Pearson.





Share with us your favorite Jessica Person moments from Suits in the comments below and if you have been a Jessica Pearson in your life.




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