Collection- Impenetrable

About the collection- Impenetrable

We started this collection with Armour in mind then softened the look using flowery-patterned chiffon. The black leather in select areas of the outfits, hardened the wearer and perfectly balanced out the softness of the chiffon.

The collection speaks to the vileness of things thrown at us daily and how we choose to rise above them. We dictate what to make out of each drop of lemon juice with the lemons life throws at us.

To Rumors, Envy, Rage, Deceit, Apathy, Scorn or Strife, a girl must be impenetrable.

Taking liberties- The jumpsuit collection

About the collection- Taking liberties

Taking liberties- the jumpsuit collections talks about the woman in the professional scene taking as many liberties as she deems fit without the compulsion to explain why she deserves these liberties.

The focus of jumpsuit came by it’s versatility and ability to move easily from work to play. We took a cue from the colours (From Red to Purple) of the rainbow and used African prints to give the pieces the sophisticated and distinct look our brand is known for.