The Binienu Brand

Binienu is an Ibo (Nigerian) verb that means to “Arise” or “Stand up”.

Binienu caters to the edgy woman with a knack for sophistication.

Our brand caters to the woman conqueror, who we believe is allowed independent thought. We design for the woman with a rebellious streak, perfectly balancing out her ladylike sophistication with her defiance to mediocrity. We want the contrasting personalities of edginess and sophistication perfectly displayed aesthetically. Binienu is geared to unleash the fashion-forward, ambitious woman and release her to the fullest of her potentials.

Established 2016 – Lagos

Brand Story - We Are Binienu!



We believe in the limitlessness of a curious soul. We believe that you are enough and that in your “enoughness”, you can be even more. We want you to reach for the stars, see, conquer…



We cater to the actualization of self. We have pledged to serve the edgy, yet sophisticated lady. With our aesthetic, we have found the perfect balance between both of these contrasting qualities to make classic investment pieces.



Fine lines, structure and balance are expected with us.

About The Designer

Clearly communicating my thoughts through fashion is a journey that grows me with each collection. My dream is to build an industry that will tell the story of a luxurious Africa.

Kaeto stumbled into designing at the young age of 10. She received 3 yards of mesh fabric for her birthday from a neighbour. A few weeks after the party, her mom saw the fabric dangling in her bedroom and asked what she would like to have made with it. “I don’t know. Let me draw a style”. Those words would usher in a new habit of drawing styles and altering her clothes by hand. She continued with this until at 14 when realization dawned and she understood that her endless sketching and altering were defined jobs in the fashion industry.

She plans on getting her clear voice heard and taking the story of what it means to be a modern African woman to the world, with an understanding of her design aesthetic.

She took a bold step by quitting her job in January, 2016 to fully run Binienu and it’s been a whirlwind ever since.

Binienu believes in your limitlessness because I believe in your endless quest to living a self-actualized life. I can’t wait to see you rise.